Brass Ring Brewing

- Small Batch Style Specific Pub Ales -​

Brass Ring Brewing joins a spirit of fierce independence with a love for the making of true craft beer and community.  Our beer is made from four natural ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, and yeast – all natural, no chemicals, no preservatives, unfiltered. Brass Ring strives for style-specific perfection offering traditional pub ales, porters, and stouts.  All our beer is made in-house, served-in house, for you and our neighbors.  It is with great pride that we serve you our small-batch craft brews.  Enjoy…


  1. 8 Pound Hammer - Irish Stout - 30 IBU's - 5.6%
    Chocolatey, Coffee, Malty. What you want in a stout. Thick but not heavy, lightly hopped.
  2. Pure Mitten - Double IPA - 92 IBU's - 8.0%
    Crafted from three hops grown by our neighbors, Pure Mitten Hops. This DIPA packs a punch - Hopheads rejoice!
  3. Blue In Green - SMASH Ale - 60 IBU's - 7.4%
    Straight up golden promise malt and Empire hops from 2k Farms on the Leelanau Peninsula. Clean, Fruity, Herbaceous.
  4. Wilde Irish - Red Ale - 22 IBU's - 5.3%
    Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright and poet said: "Work is the curse of the drinking class." Our Irish Red Ale is a balm to your heart. Malty, toasty, lightly hopped.
  5. Rock Steady - Brown Ale - 25 IBU's - 5.1%
    Brass Ring's Brown Ale, grounded in english malt and hops, a balanced pour that keeps itself squarely on your palate.
  6. Danny Whizbang - ESB - 50 IBU's - 7.3%
    Produced by order of the Peaky Blinders, this extra special bitter (ESB) is a malty, floral hopped English classic that could have been poured in the Shelby's Garrison Pub.
  7. Turn Out the Stars - Pale Ale - 65 IBU's - 6.7%
    Pilsner base malt, white wheat, featuring Michigan grown Cashmere hops. Light. Refreshing. Citrus.
  8. The Wayfarer - IPA - 70 IBU's - 7.3%
    Pale base malt, New Zealand Pacific Jade hops on the front end. Mosaic hops on the back end. Citrus, Herbal IPA.
  9. Lionhearted - Classic American Ale - 30 IBU's - 5.6%
    Brewed with loyalty and passion for "The Grand Army" This refreshing easy drinking ale is cold fermented featuring American noble hop varieties and superior pilsner base malt.
  10. Golden Ticket - Golden Ale - 32 IBU's - 6.4%
    There were only 5 golden tickets to the Wonka Factory, but at Brass Ring everyone gets a juicy golden ale for the asking.
  11. Cask Ale
    Rotating Cask Conditioned Real Ale, pulled on our Angram beer engine. Ask Server for Details.
  12. No Half Measures - Brut Ale - 35 IBU's - 7.3%
    This beer is fully attenuated. Dry, Crisp, Refreshing, Floral and Fruity. Light Bodied, Crushable, Balanced.
  13. Boodlers IPA - IPA - 70 IBU's - 7.4%
    Inspired by my experiences on Beaver Island, this "Up North" IPA is crafted from deluxe pale ale malt imported from Ireland, bittered with Michigan grown Centennial hops from top to bottom.
  14. Shandies and Raddlers
    Our beer taken in another direction with soda, fruit juice, or both. Rotating, ask your server for details
  15. Wine
    Malbec - Late Harvest Riesling - Chardonnay - Cherry
Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Friday 
4:00pm - 11:00pm
12:00pm - 11:00pm
12:00pm - 9:00pm

2404 Eastern Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507